Monday, October 12, 2009

Purchase plans at Fall In...

Hey all!

Well, it is coming up on that time... Fall In!

While I am hoping to host a game (anyone interested?) Fall In is also a great time for buying!
So I have been thinking about what my purchases might be! To be honest, I need very little... I have three armies worth of unpainted miniatures waiting for paint, and a Russian army to finish off, so I am not going to buy much. But that doesn't mean I'm not buying ANYTHING, of course!:)

I think I will be looking for six different things.

1) The Flames of War Parachute Rifle Company: I need an OpFor for my Germans, and being that I've watched Band of Brothers about 73,000 times, I figure Easy Company would be a fun project.

2) A good mounted Austrian commander for my 25mm Napoleonic Austrians: I am not sure where to find a good one, so if anyone has any suggestions about manufacturers I'd really appreciate it... I am thinking about a pair of Front Rank figures, but am unsure about if there will be a vendor there I could talk to in advance to ensure they have the figures?

3) A pack of Foundry figures; namely, the Austrians under French guard. I plan to use the Austrians for a centerpiece for the Austrians... maybe a vignette of camp life?

4) Two packs of Perry French; namely, the Young Guard sitting on their packs. These guys will serve as the focus of my second Russian
centerpiece (to compliment the Blessing of the Pavlov Guard) as captured French under Russian guard. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the company that generally has all the Perry miniatures down at the convention... does anyone know which company that is? I'd love to ensure they have the packs, which they did not have last time... (A little edit; these just got put on hold to be picked up at Fall In, so huzzah for Age of Glory!)

5) A few Russians to act as the aforementioned guard!
Hard to find an appropriate figure... maybe Front Rank?

6) Static grass.

I think that might be all I need to find, although there WAS one other thing that was in my head... too bad it is gone now:(
Anyway... if anyone can remember the company that is always there with the racks of Perry Miniatures, or can recommend a good mounted Napoleonic Austrian commander, I'd greatly appreciate a hand!:)


spqrdave said...

Age of Glory is probabaly the vendor your'e thinking of for the Perry Miniatures. As for Front Rank, the Histroicon/Cold Wars vendor has been Triangle Miniatures:



spqrdave said...

damn, wish I could spell...


Author said...

Ah thanks so much man! Emails sent to both!:)