Saturday, November 4, 2017

Photos from Fall In 2017 - Saturday!


 Hey all!

Well, day 2 of Fall In - 2017 has come... so I took some photos!

1)  WWII figures fighting it out!

2) There was a LOT of Epic going on this weekend... here is some of it!

3) Epic Eldar hold the line.

4) Some WWII troops, on some smart bases!

5) Some Germans hunker down in the brush.

6) WWII rumbles across a snowy environ.

7) Some armor faces off with some infantry in WWII.

8) They are getting close to that behemoth!

9) Some more Epic.

10) Some Ultramarine Terminators prepare to launch into combat.

11) Some Chaos cultists, with a variety of interesting modes of transportation!

12) Some GREAT Epic-scale Plague Marines... some of the coolest things I've seen.

13) Some Ultramarines advance into combat.

14) Some GREAT Imperial Guard, backed up by a heavy tank.

15)  There were a lot of ancients, obviously... here are a few units of pikes.

16) Some knights charge across the field...

17) Infantry, advance!

18) Blocks of pikes face off.

19) Some more knights charge across the plains...

20)  Well, here we go... Carnage and Glory's Napoleonics!

21) Austrians hold the monastery.

22)  This flank will not fall!

23) Some Frenchmen advance across a narrow stream.

24) The battlefield...

25) Some Russians hold a wall outside the village.

26) The battle rolls across the field.

27) The Russians still hold the wall in the center...

28) More from the Napoleonics.

29) The wall at the center is under attack!

30) The French move into the village, as cavalry clashes in the streets.

31) In the same room, although not a C&G game... some Russians advance to the fight.

32) See, a moment I love in toy soldier convention... just stopping and looking at a random collection of terrain!

33) More from the ACW table...

34) Confederate dismounted cavalry attack the flank of the Union line.

35) The Confederate attack moves up the summer.

36) The Federals will hold the center!

37) Rebels move up through the woods on the other flank...

38) And they prepare to move out of the woods.

39)  Federal dismounted cavalry try to slow the attack.

40) A microarmor game.

41) Those are some small tanks!

42) That big WWI game is back!

43) Troops advance across the field...

44) That's a long way to walk still...

45) A French and Indian war game, IIRC.

46) I don't know much about this game...

47) ... but it had some old school glossy toy soldiers in it!

48) An American Civil War game...

49) More Americans moving through Afghanistan.

50) It should be a great nice at the races!

51) The crowds gather for the big race...

52) ... as the charioteers get ready backstage.

53) I didn't catch much about this one... but it looks nice!

54) I didn't catch much about this one... but it looks nice!

55) I didn't catch much about this one... but it looks nice!

56) I didn't catch much about this one... but it looks nice!

57) This was a Napoleonic game that was getting prepped... sometimes looking at big trays of figures is a treat!

58) This was a Napoleonic game that was getting prepped... sometimes looking at big trays of figures is a treat!

 59) They are ready to rumble!

60) Napoleonic troops marching to war.

61) Some more troops from that game.

62) French advance!

63) One gent was doing a Lego game for the kids... seemed popular!

64) So I took a little break to check out the fleat market... jesus, look at all these Lord of the Rings figures!

65) Some men of Rohan.  A LOT of men of Rohan.

66) One AWI army was being sold off, en masse... they looked great!

67) If you think red goes fast, this was a fast mob!

68) 10mm Napoleonics march across a snowy field...

69) I think I liked this dice box made to look like forests.

70) At the big Roman table, more Romans prepared to join the fray!

71)  More Romans...

72) And more!

73) Japanese and American planes fight over the Pacific.

74) Another air battle!

75) Americans fight off the British in another C&G game.

76) Americans, advance!

77) American tanks attempt to cross a bridge, as hidden German tanks lie in wait...

78) American armor advances towards the bridge...

79) Mad Max!

80) Another French and Indian game.

81) Greenskins attack a Bretonnian castle...

82) Troops advance to attack a fort.

83) Sorry, I didn't catch a lot of this one... but it looked grand!

84) The battlements were heavily defended by Muslim troops.

85) A massive column nears the wall to attack!

86) The Battle of Brandywine, in 15mm.

87)  Loved this table!

88) The British advance towards the American lines.

89) British troops advance in column towards the enemy...

90) Another AWI game, this time 25mm... An American column moves to the front.

91) British troops advance under fire from Amerian skirmishers...

92) More Americans moving up...

93) A wing of the American army.

94) The same wing, from behind.

Anyway, that's what I managed to snap shots of!  That's the end of Fall In (or at least, tomorrow early AM is...)  It was an okay convention... felt a little light, and the Host is really in terrible, terrible shape, but good toy soldiers and good company made it a great time!

Oh... my buddy learned a lesson: this is NOT a great car for a toy soldier convention... but, you know... first world problems:)


Graham Wilkinson said...

I was in the morning game for the Napoleonic C&G game where we gallant outnumbered Russians and Austrians gave the French a bloody nose - 18% French losses to Allied 8%.
Any idea who won in the 2nd game that you show?
Graham W

Dan Foley said...

Great photos. Those AWI games do look fantastic. #46-47 are of Howard Whitehouse's A Gentleman's War Colonial varient. Old School goodness in 40mm.

Clint said...

Great pics. Always like to see shows from different places. Fresh and exciting games. Thank you for putting these online.

Steve J. said...

Thanks once again for some wonderful photos.

DeanM said...

Wonderful looking games! Very impressive. Thanks for taking the time to take the pics and posting them.

William Stewart said...

Thanks for taking the time to shoot and display a lot of very nice photos.

By any chance do you know who put on the WW1 game in photos 42-44 and what rules they were using?