Saturday, November 4, 2017

Photos from Fall In 2017 - Friday!

Hey all!

Well, Day 1 of Fall In is in the books!

I have to say... I know some people might be bummed out by this, but Day 1 was a bit disappointing.  There were a lot of empty tables and the total number of really beautiful games felt WAY down.  Friday night at about 7:00 was a bit shocking... the main hall was at LEAST half empty, if not more.  Spoke with a few people, and everyone I spoke with was a bit shocked.  

Still... there are toy soldiers, and toy soldiers make me happy!:)

So, let's look at some!

I apologize in advance if the photos aren't ideal... the lighting in a lot of the rooms is not great, and I had to increase the ISO to get them to work, which results in some graininess in some shots.  I did my best.

Anyway... enjoy, and if you recognize a game and want me to post more info, just let me know!:)

1. A great Napoleonic game with a LOT of Austrians

2.  Masses of Austrians!

3. Some fantastic AWI casualty markers.

4.  There was a 40k tournament going on at Fall In.  There were some BEAUTIFUL armies, to be honest.

5. Some Imperial Guard.

6.  Blood for the Blood God!

7.  This was a BEAUTIFUL FoW army on display.  Just stunning.

8.  The figures in this army were f'ing beautiful.

9. I loved the command stand... a guy popping smoke for a parachute landing.

10.  Some awesome MPADs.

11.  Loved the labelling of each stand!

12. Look at that artillery!

13.  Infantry advances on a FoW table.

14.  Another FoW table.

15. Romans prepare to take the field...

16.  This was a massive Roman game in the main lobby, with barbarians attacking a Roman fort...

17.  For Rome!

17a.  Cavalry attack the Roman fort.

18.  As always, the Carnage and Glory guys have some of the best tables out there.  Here is an ACW table they had.  (Just FYI, there are two sets of photos mixed in here from earlier and later in the day.  Sorry, I didn't organize them better!)

19.  Rebs attack the Union positions.

20.  The Federals prepare to receive the attack...

21.  More Union troops.

22.  And more!

23.  Rebs gather in the treeline for an attack...

24.  The Reb attack is ready to roll!

24a.  More from the ACW table.

25.  More Carnage and Glory... this time, Napoleonic French!

26.  More C&G French.

27.  More C&G Napoleonics.

28.  Another ACW table in the C&G room.

29.  Another shot of that table, as the attacks hit the stone wall!

29a.  Attack!

30.  A really beautiful modular WWI table.

31.  Love this crashed plane!

32.  The trenches are thick with troops...

33.  An old-school looking ACW game.

34.  A rather pretty ACW game in the main hall.

35.  Another shot of that table; the Union attacks!

36.  A really pretty samurai skirmish game.

37.  A lone warrior fights off the enemy!

38.  Love anytime someone has homemade counters or trackers!

39.  A particularly vibrant WWII table...

40.   The HAWKS always have a nice table!

41.  Germans advance across the town...

42.  Best looking table out there.  I am sorry, I forget the gent who put it together, but he has a bunch of these... WI has had a lot of his tables.

43.  The buildings are all hand-made out of balsa.

44.  Another shot of that table... it was Franco Prussian IIRC.

45.  That tiny scale is just awesome.

46.  Some Vikings prepare for a Saga game!

47.  A good looking WWI game... the explosions were actually internally lit, but I couldn't capture that in a photo.

48.  A Blood and Plunder game...

49.  Board that enemy!

50.  An American column takes fire on a WWII table.

51.  Reinforcements advance...

52.  On another WWII table, Germands charged off a boat and attack.

53.  Some Americans advance across Helmand province.

54.  Okay, THIS was cool... a two part table for a WWII/Zombie game... this was table one, but if you went into the sub pen...

55.  You ended up on this table!  A great concept.

56.  Here is above ground, on that same table.

57.  In the underground lair, something vile brews...

58.  Another vibrant WWII table.

59.  Okay, THAT'S cool... a handmade coliseum for a gladiator game.

60.  The dwarves try to defend Moria against a host of goblins... and a Balrog!  A bunch of the figures were from the beautiful Battle Valour line.

61.  The dwarves advance...

62.  Some great looking Afghan insurgents prepare to fight off an American force.

63.  American troops drop into Vietnam

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos!


DeanM said...

Great looking games & figures; the 82nd Abn FoW presentation is amazing! The camo work is superb on the vehicles & C-141. The underground sub base was also very impressive. Thanks for posting the pics!

Steve J. said...

Pic number 42 is one of Bruce Weigle's games, which are stunning. He is also a great chap and his games are fun to play. If you like gaming the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian wars, then his books are a must.

I must say that there look to be a good number of games on display, with lots of high quality miniatures and terrain in evidence. Much better IMHO than most games I've seen at UK shows of late.

Stew said...

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Very nice to see some good game tables.

Noel said...

Absolutely beautiful. Many thanks for posting!

Victor said...

The Franco-Prussian game with the great terrain is Bruce Weigle's stuff. His rules are the new set called 1871. His terrain is gorgeous.