Saturday, November 18, 2017

My first building done for Mantic's "The Walking Dead" game...

Hey all!

Well, I got my first building painted up for my Walking Dead set!

I believe it is a set from Sarissa Precision... I got two, this one being a sort of run-of-the-mill warehouse/business... who knows what, specifically.  I painted it grey, then did a bunch of sponge painting with various greys, and then gave it a brown wash.

I did make it so the big two bay doors could come out... here, you can see the survivors have found a getaway car!  I don't know if they will live long enough to use it...

Anyway... one more building to go, a mini-mart!

Edit:  BTW, the hatch at the top looks, in the photos, unpainted.  I swear it is a metallic grey... no idea why it is looking so strange in the photos!:)

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