Friday, March 17, 2017

Cold Wars Eye Candy; Friday Night Edition!

Hey all!

Well, my buddy shot me a message about Cold Wars... and 24 hours later, were are here!:)  So nice to be back at a convention... I miss the toy soldiers!  Met some fellows from nearby Maplewood Hobby.  Had a few drinks with the Joes.  Got to watch some of the Duke game, and then discuss it with Chris.  Oh, and a few more drinks.  Overall a good first day.

So, as in Fall In style... let's get to the damn eye candy!  I have to say, the quality of tables was GREAT tonight.  Just great.  Best I've seen, I think.

This was a beautiful, a-historical game (maybe DBM?)... 28mm Samurai vs... Greeks?  Romans?  They were absolutely BEAUTIFUL figures.  The shot at the start of this entry was from that game.

More from that game.

And some more... cav, this time.

Facing the samurai were these... guys.  Sorry, REALLY not my era!:)

Beautiful, right?

Some of the command stands from the back of that game... notice the ninjas and the sitting daimyo.

A nearby game... Zulu going after some Irish-ish folks!  More just beautiful figures.

More ancients.  More beautiful toy soldiers!

And some more.

While I generally do not like games with this color ground cloth, this game looked great!

I wish I knew more about this era... French?  British?

Loved this machine gun crew!

Fantastic movement trays on this beautiful unit of cavalry from another ancients game.

Some more figures from that particular game.  Love the casualty markers behind each unit!

Dead Man's Hand.  Great looking game.  I'd LOVE to get to play a game with these fellows...

Now THAT is gaming in STYLE.  Hotdamn!

The Maplewood Guys game.  Such a beautiful table.

A "Red Dawn" style game, as North Korea invades the good old US of A!

A tank game running across the north African desert.

Ah, the beautiful Eylau table that was built by the fellows over on Xin's Lair.  Just perfection.

Some more of that one.

Another shot.  One of the big keys to the effective winter table?  Leafless trees.

Another shot from that table.

A pretty cool 15ishmm naval game.  Each set of ships had their own little control panel.

Great table... was used for a few games, and will be home of a Napoleonic peninsular game tomorrow.

Another from that game.

Some great 25mm AWI.  Love the bases.

Another shot of that game.

Spacehulk!  Nothing cooler than a huge hulk.  I had three sets as a kid, and used to make INSANE ones.

Love this table.  Every year.  Tiny scale ACW.

Another of that ACW game.

Ohhh, was looking forward to this one... the Frostgrave table from the guys at Xin's!  Even better looking in person.

A WWII game.

And here is the Dave and the Carnage and Glory crew!  I would have signed up for a game, but it was SO last minute that I came...

Another from a C&C game.

A nearby Napoleonic game.

Another shot from that game.

A team of modern fighters advances...

This was a great looking moderns table.

Another Frostgrave table.  Awesome; loved the broken bridge; felt very cinematic!


Guidowg said...

You're a lucky man, its a shame we don't have these conventions in Perth. Thanks for sharing.

Doctor X said...

You can find that ruined bridge at numerous big chain pet stores. I've got one and love it.