Saturday, March 18, 2017

A few dealer shots from Cold Wars

Hey all!

Well, I wandered the dealer hall a bit to buy a few things... and thought I'd take some photos!

Tons of Team Yankee stuff.  Would LOVE to get a pack of A10s, but they aren't cheap...

Okay, I didn't catch the name of this vendor, but I loved the tiled wargames table.

Here is another shot.

Okay, I don't remember the manufacturer here (someone please help out!) but this guy had an absolute TON of 15mm Fantasy.  And I ADORED them.  Honestly, I thought they were the nicest damn fantasy figures I've EVER seen.  I mean, he had entire armies, and they were full of interesting units (but nothing stupid, you know?) and they were BEAUTIFUL sculpts.  Honestly, I would want a collection.

Some heroes from that range.

Battlefield Terrain Concepts; always tons of nice stuff!:)

Brigade Games was there, with their new Sharpe and Harper figures and rifles... LOVE them!

Some more stuff at Brigade.

And some more...

One of my favorite stops... Acheson Creations!  There is no better bargain in the entire damn place than that big bucket of cheap resin things.  I got a bunch for that box this year...

Okay, so there was this new game... Sergeant's Miniatures Game... I don't know much about it, but it looked cool as hell, and I LOVED that they sold little wooden boxes to hold the armies!

Scott W. is still going strong with Paper Terrain... now he has huge armies ready to go!

Ah!  I missed the name of the vendor, so if anyone can help, please do... but I LOVED the 25mm moderns!

The tiny scale guys are just SO beautiful.

If you are doing any naval stuff, then Sea Dog Game Studios is for you!  My buddy and I were joking that JUST the wrecked ships were enough to want to create a whole collection around them...

So many excellent figures, so little time...

A new sculpt from Footsore Miniatures... can't wait for this nasty looking Viking to be produced. Really beautiful figures.

Lots of assorted painted guys (all a bit grainy... sorry, had some camera issues!)

Of course I ran into Rick "The Flag Dude", and we talked flags a bit, and a little about babies, too!

Anyway, good stuff, and I'll post the game eye candy later tonight!:)


Ray Rousell said...

Cool pics, I do like the Sharpe & Harper figures.

Shawn Bulger said...

The 15mm fantasy are Battle Valor Games. I have a lot of them and they are great!

Sean Summers said...

Would you happen to know who was selling the 6mm figures