Thursday, September 1, 2016

The combatants gather for the next big 10mm Napoleonic battle!

Hey all!

Well, I've met a new fellow who seems to be similarly-minded as far as gaming... if it gives you an excuse to push around little toy soldiers, let's give it a try!... and he said he'd love to get a big 10mm Napoleonic game in.

So... why not!  I brushed off my old rule set, made a few changes, and I think we'll give that a go!

For that rule set you do need to roll up the forces and the officers.

Here are the forces!

The fight will be one corps per side; three divisions per corps.

At the start of the post is the French 1st Division, which by strange coincidence ended up as all Guards! Two units of French Guard (both Old Guard in this case) and some cavalry (1 heavy, 1 light)... and again, a decent number of guns... the French rolled up a lot of artillery this game!

Here is the French 2nd Division One brigade of four infantry battalions, one brigade of three infantry battalions, a large cavalry force of two heavy cavalry and one light cavalry unit, and some guns.

The 3rd Division... a brigade of four infantry units (including a converged Voltigeur unit), another of four infantry, and more cavalry and artillery.

Here are the British!  The 1st Division is Spanish troops... two brigades of four infantry each, and a mix of cavalry.

Here is the 2nd Division; a brigade of Guards, another of three infantry battalions, and one of four infantry battalions... along with two batteries of foot artillery.

Here is the 3rd British Division... a lot of cavalry (1 light and 2 heavy units), a brigade of three infantry battalions, and one of four infantry battalions.

So!  Next up we have to assign officers.  The British have more infantry, the French more cavalry and artillery.  After we assign brigade commanders we roll to see where the troops come onto the table.


Clint said...

Nice to see 10mm getting some action.
far better than 15mm figs. As the armies look so impressive.

Steve J. said...

Very impressive looking armies you have there:). Really looking forward to seeing the battle.

Phil said...