Sunday, September 11, 2016

28mm Richard Sharpe commission finished!

Hey all!

Well, the 28mm / 25mm Sharpe's Rifles commission is FINALLY done!

I got the figure for Teresa on Friday, did the converting that night, and got the paint on her.

Above is the entire group, all together.

Here is Teresa Moreno and a few Spanish partisans.  For Teresa I had to sculpt on the hair after removing the hat, replace the sword with a rifle, add a cross belt and cartridge box, extend her sash, and of course add "The Needle," her stiletto!

Here are the Rifles, along with Major Hogan.

Here are the foot personalities... Sgt. Patrick Harper, Teresa, Richard Sharpe himself, and Captain William Frederickson, in his 60th Rifles uniform.

Here is Major Hogan.

Here are a few of the Rifles.  I gave several of them French packs, as in the book a bunch of the veterans have them.

Here are a few more of the Rifles.

Some of the infantry.  The one with the poached pheasant on his belt is meant to be Dan Hagman.

One more shot of the foot personalities.

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Family Erize said...

Awesome !!!!!

Great job !!!!