Monday, September 5, 2016

Some more detailed shots of the 28mm Sharpe's Rifles project

Hey all!

Well, the 28mm Richard Sharpe commission is nearly done, so I thought I would post some photos!

Here is Sharpe, Sgt. Harper, and "Sweet" William Fredrickson, from the 60th Rifles... before the whole Lucille nonsense, which I just ignore anyway.

Three Spanish partisans, since a lot of the "Sharpe's" series takes place in Spain.

Three riflemen from the 95th.

Three more riflemen, including Dan Hagman on the right... you cannot see it in this photo, but he has a poached pheasant hanging off his belt in back.

And Major Hogan, who is always a trusted ally for Richard!

Now, there is one person missing still; Teresa Moreno!  Unfortunately I bought the figure from a UK manufacturer through the US distributor for the company, and good lord it is taking FOREVER to get here... ordered it maybe a month ago.  I forgot that in today's day and age it is better just to order directly from England:(

Anyway... that's how they look so far.  I'll take some nicer shots when Teresa is here and finished, and once I've done some touch ups... details like a few buttons, sling swivels, and a few other bits and bobs.  Unfortunately I got a very nice email from the gent who commissioned these, and he sent along a photo of his own work... that moment where you realize the person you are painting for is better than you are is a painful one!:D


Simon Jones said...

The 60th Rifles had a different uniform to the 95th?

Author said...

I think the only difference was cuff and collar and piping colors... red with black piping, instead of black with white piping? I hope I got that right:)

Family Erize said...

The look awesome !!!... great job....

I'm very excited to add these guys to my next Brink of Battle or Sharp Practice game !!!


Simon Jones said...

I think the 60th had red collars and cuffs with other ranks having red epaulettes. The officers had a complicated chain type epaulettes.