Sunday, March 20, 2016

Perry "Retreat from Moscow" cavalry unit finished

Hey all!

Well, finished up a unit of cavalry for the Retreat from Moscow army!

Overall I think they turned out pretty well... it is a little trickier than I expected to get them looking right.  I am STILL not sold on the basing... should the entire thing be snow?

I did want to do a unit that wasn't simply guys on horses, and so I used some dismounted cavalry and a dead horse to fill out the unit.

First two units done!  Got two more infantry units to do, and then the skirmishers, and the sleds!


Phil said...

Very nice...and atmospheric!

siggian said...

Re: snow

I really like it but I think you might want to use a snow and mud mix on many of the bases. It doesn't take much walking on to turn that pristine white into not-white. The other possibility is to add some brown grass poking through. Just some ideas if you want to add some variation to the white snow.

I wish I had the ambition to do a project like this though.