Friday, March 18, 2016

First Perry "Retreat from Moscow" unit finished

Hey all!

Okay, the first unit is done!

I imagine that this unit is a bunch of veterans, including a few Guard, who are moving through the snow.  You can see the Old Guard themselves on the right of the commander... there are four guys in the dark blue overcoats.

I have to say, I really struggled with basing.  My first attempt at snow really didn't work... I painted the sand white, put some white glue on, and sprinkled on the flock.  It wasn't thick enough.  I ended up making a paste of white glue, white paint, water, and flock, using THAT, and THEN flocking it.  That worked out well.

There are a few extra guys on the stands... a cantiniere, several dead, and a guy pulling the boot off a dead man.

So!  Not sure if I'll make any changes... I might have to flock them completely in snow, rather than leaving the sides brown, but I am not sure.

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DeanM said...

Very nice work - they look appropriately battered and cold.