Sunday, March 20, 2016

Eye Candy! A Star Wars Armada game...

Hey all!

Well, got an Armada game in with a buddy who came by!

400 and chance points each; no scenario, just shoot-em out!  We did no upgrades or anything; just bare ships.  We are still learning, so the fewer rules we have to keep in mind, the better:)

I was the rebels, with an MC80, an MC30, a Neb, and an Assault Frigate.  I also had Han Solo, Jan Ors, and a few X-Wings and A-Wings.  

He took an ISD and two Victories, along with a bevy of TIE fighters, some Interceptors, and a Rhymer/Dengar/Bombers squadron (no Vader or Advanced, though.) 

Here are the starting spots.  You can see what we want to do!:)  The Neb, btw, is out of shot to the right.

The imperial fighter cloud was all on one side of the board and headed in!

Han Solo and the A-Wings covered the rebel left flank, along with the MC30.

Two turns in.  The Rebs open fire on the center Victory and put an absolute hurting on it.  The ISD, in retrospect, was moving far too slowly.

Han Solo takes the A-Wings out to the right.  A few timely squadron commands really helped the rebels out here.  The top Victory continues to get absolutely hammered, while the leftmost one starts to head right into the center of things.

The fighters are about to get stuck in...

The Assault Frigate had a cloud of X-Wings as fighter support on its open flank, between it and the ISD.

Another shot of the fighters.  The MC80 and MC30 both used their anti-squadron firepower to weaken the Imperials a bit.

The big boys start to run into each other, both sides blasting away.  The top right Victory is almost gone at this point, shields stripped and with a pile of criticals.

Dengar gets hunted down by Solo and the A-Wings.

Here is everyone running into each other!  The rightmost Victory squeaks through here, still alive with a single hull point.

The MC30 and Assault Frigate flank the second Victory, pouring fire into it...

... and the MC30 spits past, blasting away.  The Victory on the right is absolutely smoking, leaving behind a swath of debris.

The titans go at it!

Broadsides crash into the ships, thousands of men and women meeting their maker!

The bombers pound away at the MC30, but it stays strong and blasts away.

The three reb ships absolutely pound on the Victory.  Despite a few GOD awful rolls (the frigate fires off an entire broadside and forward attack and scores no hits!) the Victory gets absolutely smashed.

The ISD is moving quicker now, but still stuck a bit out, and starts taking fire to its fore.

The one Victory goes down, finally, while the severely damaged one circles at the back, engineers working frantically to bring up shields... all while about to get jumped on by the three A-wings.

At this point, we did call it... it was clear that the Imperials were in deep trouble.  The ISD had lost some shields to the X-Wings, but the one Victory was dead and the other had only a single hull point left.  I did move the ISD in, however, just a for a final beauty shot of everyone together!

Anyway... hope you all enjoy the eye candy!:)

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