Sunday, May 18, 2014

The miniatures find a new home...

Well, at least SOME of them do!

So, I finally finished building and putting on the new shelf fronts, and overall I think it turned our really nice.  The War Den is coming together!:)

Unfortunately, a lot of figures didn't make it to the display... no 15mm ACW, no 10mm Napoleonics, no 25mm Russian artillery... but I don't have a lot of space, so choices must be made!  A mistake?  Should the 15mm WWII Germans go, in favor of something else?  They DO take up a LOT of space... thoughts?


DeanM said...

Nice display of troops. No swapping out of forces - just need more barracks space :)

TamsinP said...

Maybe instead of a sizeable contingent from a few armies, have a small contingent of each army on display?

Nice work on the cabinet

NW Crew said...

Good to see your move doing nice progress.
As a fan of your 10mm Napoleonic gaming I'd like to see them in there but I understand that space (as always) is an issue.

Author said...

Hey guys, thanks for dropping by!

I was considering smaller groups from each collection, especially at the end... Some of the 25mm Russians didn't make it out, for example. But it would hurt the OCD collector in me a little to do it too much:)

The 10mm Naps are a HUGE loss, I agree! They might actually get their entire own thing... Namely a glass topped table. That one is still in the works:)

Thanks for coming by, guys!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Plenty of room for extra shelves??

Anonymous said...

Glass topped table? Does that mean that your fantastic terrain table will return?