Sunday, May 25, 2014

Latest game of X-Wing

Hi all!

Well, here are just a few photos from my latest game of X-Wing!

To add some spice, my buddy and I tackled this one a bit different... we bought each other our squads!  I gave him two Scimitar bombers with proton bombs, Darth Vader, and Vader's two wingmen, Mithel Mauler and Backstabber.

He gave me Jan Ors with an Ion Turret and Squad Leader, and then three Rookie X-Wings, all with astromechs... an R2, R2-D2, and the new guy who repairs shields (whose name I cannot recall... damn numbers and letters!)

So he came at my forces in the Mighty Ducks flying V, and I responded by going head to head with him, both of us blasting away.

As expected we jousted a bit, and when I turned to come back at him he dropped both his bombs.  Dumb me, when I looked at the range of the bombs I was, for some reason, thinking of 1 MOVEMENT, not 1 RANGE, and figured I was fine... but then when I realized what an idiot I was, ALL FOUR of my ships took hits!  Yikes!  It was crazy... by the end of the game I had two X-Wings down to one hull each, even though they hadn't lost any shields yet!

I did manage to get an awful lot of guns on target, though, and the two X-Wings really beat the crap out of the TIE Bombers... and then Jan Ors finished it off with the Ion Turret!

There was quite a mess in the center of the table, as the two sides beat on each other, stripping shields and blasting apart solar panels.

Finally I turned one of the Rookies into range one of one of the TIE Fighters, and with Jan Ors extra die... well, that TIE Fighter didn't last long.

And Jan, with the Ion Turret, actually finished off the last TIE Bomber, stripping its last damage off... two dead TIE Bombers killed by an Ion Turret!  What are the chances?

So overall a good game!

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