Monday, May 12, 2014

The end of the House of War...

Hi all!  

What on earth is happening with that empty cabinet...?

Well... it's a bittersweet moment here at The House of War.

As many of you know (or at least whoever has kept up on this blog) I have a happy little son.  He is two and a half, and just about the kindest, most lovable child I've ever known.  He loves toy soldiers, and his toy cars (and repairing them) and is a great kid.

And now we are expecting #2... a little girl.  My collection is (OCD) complete!

However, that comes with a caveat... the toy soldier room now has to be converted over to a bedroom:(

Down will come the table, the cabinets will disappear, the prints and antiques will come down... all of it.  

Now, there IS an upside... we have a GREAT downstairs den that doubles as a guest room.  It has lots of wall space, wood paneling, great shelves, a lit gun cabinet... and guess who is taking it over to display his figures?

Yep... me!  So, I'll have some updates over the next few months as I disassemble the table and take apart the room... but the FIRST task was building these sliding-door cabinet fronts to keep my boys safe!  I'll have the "how to" soon, but thought folks might like a peek!

Some day the House of War will return... I do anticipate, someplace down the line, having a permanent man cave in a future home, with several tables and a lot of other extras.  So, someday, I'll be back with something great.  In the meantime, however, a lot of the great photo opportunities will be on hold, with only the smaller projects and all featured.

So!  I hope everyone can stick with me while the House of War becomes something else!


Stu Rat said...

So, from House of War to War Cabinet.

Hobbyworker said...

Im sorry for the loss of your game room :(

jmilesr said...

The loss of a game room is a sad event with one exception and that's when it's given up for a new child - congratulations!

They do grow up fast - I'm leaving this morning to go pick up my sone who has just completed his first year of college, so time does fly

Good luck with the new arrival

Bob Passamenti said...

Many congratulations on the coming little one!

Certainly sad to see the House of War put aside for now, as I love your blog and have enjoyed your posts over the years, but now you have another wee general to command your troops.. :)

Simon Quinton said...

Congratulations! Huzzah for the new display room!

Michael Mills said...

Cue the "Interwar Years"...

David Cooke said...

Exciting! Look forward to seeing the next evolution.