Saturday, March 9, 2013

Plans for my newest box project; Mountain Men!

Hey all!

Well... above you see the drawn plan for my newest box project!

It is for my father-in-law, who is big into mountain men and explorers.

So... the plan is this.

I'll be using the same box as my "Death of Nelson" piece.  It will have a large cliff on the lefthand side, on top of which will be standing a mountain man overlooking the world.  Behind him will be his camp, with a small fire and a lean-to.  Behind all of that will be tall pine trees, and around the base of the cliff will the tips of pine trees.  The backdrop will be a shot of the Rocky Mountains at night.  Everything will be covered in snow (I'm glad for that Wargames Illustrated with the Battle of the Bulge table!).  There will be two lighting elements; first, I will do a campfire light, similar to my Harry Potter one (although dulled down a bit, because the fire is supposed to be dying).  I will also do a big blue LED at the top, to give the whole scene (which will be largely white, because of all the snow) a night time feel.

As for the figures... I am a bit lost.  Mountain men are NOT my area of expertise.  I am considering the pack at the right, and using the Joe Meek figure and maybe the Jed Smith figure as well.  I could use the donkey in the background near the lean-to.  If anyone out there has any better suggestions I would LOVE them... ideally I'd like the guys to be unarmed, but I wouldn't even know where to start looking!

Anyway... that's it.  I won't be starting it for a little bit, but would REALLY appreciate any advice or suggestions from all of you!



War Minister Crittumbo said...

Looks like a plan!

ADB said...

The only other figures I can think off are the old HLBS figures from Tiger now

You may find some of the cowboy ranges will do. Warhammer historical Legends of the Old West game had a gang of mountain men and a few hints as to where they got the figures from.

Mikko Asikainen said...

maybe add a mountain lion hiding in the trees?