Saturday, March 30, 2013

More ships on the way... darn it

Darn it.

I got one starter set already... and darnit all, I picked up another one.  And a Y-Wing.  And a TIE Advanced.  Stupid Barnes and Nobles, stupid gift card, stupid money spending.

Now I just need someone to play the darn game with!:)


2nd Kentucky said...

Hey, this is an epic game. I was at my local game shop this week and saw that the Millennium Falcon has been released. It is crazy huge compared to the X-Wings and TIE Fighters.

I have been following your blog for years, and I love what you post. Just wanted to say that.

Author said...

Hey man!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Yeah, I thoroughly enjoy the game. And yeah, the Falcon is HUGE.... so big that I am actually probably not going to get it:( I like small ships, darnit!

Anyway... glad you checked in! Thanks for the kind words:)