Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some 25mm ACW testing of "Longstreet!"

Hi all!

While there are a few downsides to living in New Jersey, one upside is having Sam Mustafa of wargaming rules fame living not too far away!

I've had the pleasure of meeting Sam and the rest of the northern NJ wargaming crew on a number of occasions, and they've been kind enough to include me in a few games that they've played.  Well, I got another chance tonight, as I took command of a Confederate brigade in a playtest of Sam's upcoming ACW rules, "Longstreet!"

Anyway... I can't say much about the rules except they were fun... following on the heels of Lasalle and, more recently, Maurice, you can see the bloodlines of both systems in Longstreet.  I also can't help but love the idea of a commander, and wargames force, that changes over time and reflects the actual trends of the ACW... I feel like it makes our regular games look like the "battlegames" they are, whereas this is truly a "wargame".

But enough yapping... it was also an excuse to take photos of toy soldiers, which I love... so here are some photos!:)

Here we are, before the start of hostilities (and the opening of wine!)  My Reb brigade of three regiments and some artillery was on the near flank.  The center was held by Joe Sr., and the left side (and the farm, which was an objective) by Sean.  He was faced by Joe Jr.  The center of the Union line was commanded by Phil, and opposite me was General Rob.  The Union were the aggressors (isn't that the way it always is?!)

My brigade, on the near flank of the first shot.  Three units of infantry, including one elite regiment on the far left, and a battery of Napoleons.

A huge group of new Union recruits across the way.

My troops aggressively push forward in an attempt to stymy the Union attack on the near flank.  In the center you can see the farm that was our objective to hold.

Go get'um, boys!  The best defense is a strong offense!

Meanwhile in the center huge masses of boys in blue plunge through the woods and prepare to cross the river into the face of Reb muskets!

My boys immediately get over the hill and, with a great rebel yell, plunge downwards!  I had overwhelming superiority in this combat due to a number of circumstances... but holy cow, an ABYSMAL set of rolls saw my men beaten back, rather than sweeping through the Union flank as hoped!

My boys settle into a prolonged firefight with the Federals opposite them.  Whoever could take this flank might be able to turn the enemy!

Here you can see the Federal attack in the center nearing the fields, as my men try desperately to turn the near Union flank, much to the chagrin of a nearby Union commander.  This was the MOST useable photo, btw, of several that were taken at this time.

A mess at the center, as the commanders focus their attention on an important melee!

Meanwhile, my boys reach the crest of the hill and begin to punish the Federals in front of them, some of which were eager to fight but simply not that well trained.  Finally the smaller unit of boys in blue evaporated under my boys fire, leaving a single newly recruited Federal unit facing three units of Reb veterans on a hill... not a good thing for them!

At roughty the same time the Union attack in the center began to falter...

And the main attack in the center finally crumbled.  While the Federals had more troops capable of moving in, the Rebs in the center and on the far flank were unblooded, and my own troops on the near flank looked ready to turn the Union line, and so the Union commanders conceded rather than spend more of their boys lives.

Overall, a great time, and thanks to Sam and John and Rob and Phil and the Joes and Sean for a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving eve!

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