Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall In: The Vendors!

Hi all!

Well, Fall In 2012 has come and gone!  At first, it was a bit touch and go... I live in the northern New Jersey area, and we got HAMMERED by the storm.  We actually just got back power this afternoon, after seven days of it being out, and a basement that flooded totally out.

But my very kind wife stayed, with our one year old baby, at my parents house while I went to toy soldier convention!  Yay!

So... I'll have three or so posts, and here is the first; the vendors!  Now, I am NOT 100% sure if I have all the names, so please please PLEASE, if you recognize a vendor that I either didn't name or I named incorrectly, please let me know!

Oh, and all of the photos can be enlarged, so if you get stuck in that stupid shadow-box of Blogger (which I tried to disable) just right click on the photos and open in another tab... then you can zoom in and gape to your hearts content!

At the top was, I believe, the Eureka folks.  At least, I think that is who they are... I saw a bunch of figures there, including some GREAT vignettes!  They have a little string quartet set, a harem, a fantastic baker (more on that later) and of course the bears... and a host of other great figures.

Speaking of Eureka, here are some more figures from them, including a few of those sets I spoke of!

Here is just a shot from Chris at the Sash and Saber table... these are a few dioramas.  They've done up a LOT of great 40mm figures, which are just fantastic looking... same footprint as the 28s, but more detail and just some great figures.  Doesn't hurt that Chris is a fellow Duke grad, and we can talk basketball and *gasp* even FOOTBALL together!:)  Great, great miniatures.

 Okay, so the Architects of War table was just insane now; some wonderful stuff, including apparently the sole distributor of Perry miniatures (that made me a touch sad!)  Here are some painted up Perry Austrians.

Here is some wonderful 28mm WWII Japanese stuff...

 And a GREAT Pacific bunker, lurking among the trees.

But I was especially impressed by their extras!  Here is their well, some barrels and supplies, and of course some useful farm animals...

And they also had some GREAT little campsite sets, including one with a makeshift lean-to and then this one, with the guys all hunkered down around the fire.

Now, this might not LOOK like Rick "The Flag Dude"'s normal thing, but... well, I had photos of his flags last time, so I thought I'd take a few of his Big Battalions.  I know that supply is a bit tough with them, but holy cow they are BEAUTIFUL figures.  Again, more on them later:)  Of course, Rick was as lovely a fellow as always, beaten out only by his wife... and I must say, for a dad of a youngster, he looked far more rested than I am!

Curious about his FLAGS?  Uh, just look at every toy soldier I paint.  All his flags.

 Okay; now, I believe this was Evil Bob... although if I am wrong, please correct me!:)  As always a raft of interesting and very nicely painted figures, including this set of fantasy pieces...

 Now, I don't love fantasy, but some of the new detailed plastics GW has put out are just fantastic, especially when painted up nicely!:)

Here is a shot of Sgt Major Miniatures, which had a GREAT selection of historicals and some GREAT Pulp figures... even though Pulp is not my thing, they had some figures I wanted to buy, post haste!  If you've never seen them, give their site a look!

Okay; so these are some buildings by Gettysburg man (and musician) John Mayer, a very nice chap who actually sold a close friend of mine a LARGE Civil War collection... well, John has kept busy making some AMAZING terrain for 10mm ACW, all based on actual houses in his hometown of Gettysburg!  He and his son are currently working for the company Building In Turmoil... give it a look!

They were BEAUTIFUL buildings; just the sight of them made me want to start a 10mm ACW collection!  It doesn't hurt that John is good with a brush... but even look at the railings!  Great stuff.

He even had these fantastic out-buildings!  Really, great stuff.

Okay; THIS is a great product.  I didn't catch the US distributor (maybe Age of Glory?) but these are buildings by 4Ground... precut, PRE-PAINTED fit together buildings.  Absolutely freaking brilliant; if you need buildings but are not a great model maker, this is IT.  

Here are some great miniatures painted by "Old Army" painting service... some very nice stuff!

Here are some figures painted by The Toy Soldier Company... very nice stuff!

Sorry, another fellow who paints some BEAUTIFUL figures, who I didn't catch the name of!  Anyone know this chap?

Some more of his figures.  Really detailed and beautiful... look at that lace!

Here are some figures from Major Objective games... nice stuff, and just as importantly (to me, at least!) a very pretty display!

Okay; THE best 50 cent bin in the world.  From Acheson Creations... if you need ANY scenery in resin, ESPECIALLY things like entrenchments or sandbags or gabions or whathaveyou, THIS is the bin you've been waiting for.  They have much more impressive stuff as well:)

As always, Battlefield Terrain Concepts was there... and as always, their stuff was beautiful:)  Doug is a super nice fellow, and his products are always top class.  True, I'd have to sell my kid to afford a couple of the pieces...

... but let me tell you, I was AWFULLY tempted!:D  Just look at this stuff!

Now, unfortunately I did delete a few photos by accident of the new Miniature Building Authority stuff, which KILLS me, because they were GREAT.  So I here is a picture from their website; their new 15mm Americana series is KILLER.  I WILL be buying them, and soon.  Just the most crisp buildings I've ever seen at that scale... and with removable roofs, at that!

So!  I hope that was a good-enough walkthrough of the better displays at the Dealers Hall (I also deleted the overall photo from above... stupid me.)  Coming up next?  The games!


Beccas said...

Thanks for showing us the pics of the vendors at Fall-In. Great stuff.

Rick said...

John Mayer's new company is "Buildings in Turmoil"

He did do business as Round Top Miniatures and apparently can still supply those buildings as well.

Rick said...

John Mayer's new company is "Buildings in Turmoil"

He did do business as Round Top Miniatures and apparently can still supply those buildings as well.

Phil Broeders said...

Great post and some traders I'll definitely be checking out on the web.

Your wife deserves a medal!

Jeffrey Mayer said...

Round Top Miniatures has been replaced by Building in Turmoil, a father/son co-op. I (Jeffrey, the son) have been deployed overseas and was unable to attend Fall-In. Glad you like our buildings. We can be found at

Brummie said...

Great looking pics, thanks for sharing these. Some nice looking table

NW Crew said...

Thank you for posting and providing some really good pictures! Looking forward to see even more from Fall-In!

muzik212 said...

So many fellows and chaps to keep up with! No wonder you cant keep track of the names! ;)