Sunday, March 27, 2011

More heroes...

Hey all!

Sorry things have been A) so quiet, and B) so video-game-oriented... just happens to be the war project I'm currently working on!

Here are some more shots from the game... namely, two hireable medics (NATO Medic on the left, Local Army Medic on the right.)  They will help your units heal up quick!

Also, we are actually porting our old game, Zombie Armageddon, over to the Windows Phone, so give a look for it there!  A review from just this Friday said "...this game really brought me in... I am highly recommending this game to anyone who even slightly likes tower defense games and has a few extra points. The game costs 1 US dollar and is worth every bit of it. I have paid 60 dollars for games I didn't like this much."  So if you have an XBOX and XBOX Live, give it a look, and if you have a Windows Phone, give it a look in a month or so when it comes out!

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