Saturday, March 5, 2011

A few graphics to check out

Hey all!

Sorry to the toy soldier crowd (i.e. everyone who reads this blog!) but I am currently deep in the next video game project, and it is taking up all of my time...

Thought I'd post some new graphics... namely, some equipment graphics, and some menu graphics.  At the top you can see some equipment... from left to right, starting at the top... claymore, AT4, rifles, IEDs, RPKs... then, second row, AK47s, M16s, RPG, light armor, and SAWS.  The ones with the white backgrounds are all-squad equipment... the ones that are displayed with a soldier/against a background you can have multiple of in a squad.

Then, on the right, you can see some rough versions of our menu graphics for attack, occupy, move, and equip.

Icons like that are remarkably tough to do... my buddy who does the coding did the by-hand sketches and then I made them graphics... I am much more a literal artist than an abstract guy, so I needed the help!

Anyway... sorry to the toy soldier folks, but fear not, toy soldiers will be back soon:)


Ulu Elsomalien said...

Toy soldier crowd isn't that big. It can wait. :D
Great pics, but in US squad, there are more than 1 SAW (1 per fireteam) IRCC.
=> it doesn't matter if you don't stick reality, but if I play US, I would more firepower !

Author said...

Well, the toy soldier crowd is the primary crowd, soooo...:)

Actually, in the screen above, you can take multiples of the ones with the full pictures, so you can take two SAWs as support, or a SAW and a AT4, or whatever you want that squad to be equipped with to tackle the job you give it.

Also, they aren't US troops, just to be clear... ingame, they are "NATO" troops:)

Author said...

Oh, also, "squad" is being used in a very general term to mean "unit of men," rather than a strict military term:)

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Oh, sorry for my miscomprehension.
What about one-shot antitank weapon (which could be taken without a heavy weapon slot)?