Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another screenshot...

Thought folks might enjoy another few screenshots, this time showing off the troops/gear list.  Above you can see a unit of zealots, equipped with AK-47s and light body armor and upgraded with an Insurgent Captain.  They are backed up by a technical with a big machine gun on the back!  On the righthand side you can see a unit of insurgents, armed with AKs and then kitted out for vehicle-killing with some IEDs and an RPG.

You can also get a peek at the new icons on the lefthand side that show what is in the square you are currently occupying.  The shot at the top shows that there are an apartment building and two houses in the square... lots of population, which as a Resistance player I need to maintain my forces!  The shot on the right is a good money square, with a gas station, a small store, and some warehouses.  On the left you can see a bunch of the feature shots, including an oil field, an oil refinery (ahhh the NATO player loves that!) and a poppy field.

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