Monday, October 6, 2008

Muskets and Moustaches Version 2

Hello all!

Well, in anticipation of my first serious playtest with a group of gamers, here is version 2 of Muskets and Moustaches! There have been bits and pieces added and moved around, and close combat has seen a revision, so please do come by and give it a look!

As per request, I've also put up a version that has no pictures at all, so if that is more your style, please give it a look!

Here is the version with photos

Here is the version without photos

Enjoy, and if you want to see these rules in action, stop by our ACW game at Fall In!


Sean said...

Now it really is less then 1 month to FALL IN!!!!!!!

Rum Bellies at the Dobbin House on me!

Author said...


Its a deal!:)

BTW, these are the rules for ACW too, just with one more die per stand, so if you wanna print one at work...?

Forge said...

I've read over the rules and they look very interesting. One question: What size table do you recommend playing on? At six inches a move (assuming regulars in column), it could, on a larger table, take awhile to get to grips with the enemy.

Paqu said...

Theres no file to download behind the link???

RS said...

Lord Ashram, any chance of your reposting your V2 rules? I loved your V1 rules and would like to see the changes.

cmckllar said...

I would like the version 2 rules also..

cmckllar said...

I would like the version 2 rules also...please.