Friday, October 24, 2008

25mm Nap. Russians - Grenadiers


After getting undercoated in MAY, my Grenadiers have been completed!

This unit has been a long time coming. Rather than dressed in the traditional drab brown greatcoats that the rest of my Russian army wears, I wanted to do the Grenadiers in their more historically-acceptable grey with red
cuffs and collars.

I had a tough time, as the packs I got did not have enough troops in them overall, so I had to improvise. I added the Grenadier officer on the far end of the line screaming orders to the men, and if you look, the second guy from the left, second row in, is actually a converted Frenchman! It is hard to notice though.

I know the flag isn't quite right, but I liked the looks, so in it went!

Anyway... if I get a few more good shots tomorrow I'll put them up, but for now, enjoy!

Figures courtesy of Wargames Foundry.


Scott MacPhee said...

You're inspiring me to dig out my Foundry Russians and have a go at them. Yours are nice looking troops! Excellent conversion on the Frenchie, too. I wouldn't have ever known.

Author said...

Glad you like them!

Yeah, the French soldier is pretty well hidden... hard to pick him out for sure, now that he is in the same color and has the big pompom on the front of his shako:)

I want to get mine on the table with the Lonely Gamers guys... that would be a LOT of Russians!:)