Friday, October 24, 2008

25mm Nap. Russians - Light Infantry

Hi all!

Sorry it has been so long since there has been a serious update at The House of War! I thought I would rectify that over the next day or two with a few shots of troops.

First up; my only unit of Russian light infantry from my 25mm Napoleonic collection.

The Russian army is not famous for its vast hordes of light infantry, like the French, or their rifles, like the English. Rather, the Russians had fewer light infantry than many of the European powers. My Russian army features only a single unit of Russian light infantry.

The light infantry, much like the French lights, are based on spread-out movement trays meant for screening. The trays, much like the French, are built as wide as a standard infantry tray, so a single stand of light infantry can screen an advancing line regiment. I like this look, because it also keeps the army uniform!

Now, I did give these guys flags, even though they probably wouldn't have
them... always err on the side of flags, my daddy always said! I love the way they turned out; the faces are very sharp, although I do wish I had some in shakos and a few in greatcoats!

Minis courtesy of Wargames Foundry!

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