Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back! And Scott Mingus' photo competition

Hey folks!

So sorry it has been so long; I am in the most difficult part of the work year... or more specifically, the end of it! Two months off now to paint soldiers, take photos, make scenery, and work in the yard!My first goal is to enter, and hopefully win, Scott Mingus' photo contest. All my photos are taken on my wargames table at my home; I hope they are good enough, as I would love a copy of his book and I used basically no computer tricks; a panoramic photo of Gettysburg propped up at the end of the table was about it! I've spent WAY too much time taking photos for this, but I am hoping it pays off, and heck, even if I don't win, at least it pays off by giving me more good photos of toy soldiers to look at!


FallenStar said...

Looks good, Ash! Good luck with the contest!

--Brian Howell

Author said...

Thanks man! When it ends, I'll post some more of the shots I took; I didn't know if Scott wanted most of the photos to be exclusive for his contest or not, but...?