Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scenery - The Graveyard

I wanted a little project to do tonight, and this graveyard seemed to fit the bill!

I made the small stones out of balsa, painted. The dead tree is made of a deflocked tree, with a few tiny twigs glued on, and the whole undercoated black and then painted grey. They are all glued onto a piece of the same fabric as the table which is then lightly flocked. It blends in pretty damn well if I do say so myself! Hope everyone likes it!


Vinnie said...

Just had a look through your blog, you have some great stuff there. Love the ACW table, one day I to might have a set up like yours. excellent stuff



Author said...

Hey Vin!

Glad you stopped by and dropped a comment, even more glad you enjoyed the blog! I basically do it so people can one day happen to see it, and say "Oh cool! That was fun to read, and I got an idea I can use too!" I know how much I love finding a random good blog!:)

Anyway, thanks for the kind comments:)