Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Walking Dead card holders, and painted trash piles...

Hey all!

Thought I would share these great new boards I picked up for The Walking Dead!

One of my annoyances with the game has always been dealing with the cards and the health markers... they are always sliding all over the place and a real mess, especially since I play only campaigns, where you have to keep track of guys for many games in a row.

Well, a friend picked these up, and I loved them, so I got them too!

Now, I did do a few things with them.  First obviously is the painting.  But I also wanted to have a better way to track health than the simple, easy-to-slide-out-of-place counter.  So I just took a drill and drilled eight holes along the top and numbered them. A few cut down Battleship pegs work to track health... white for health, red for if someone has been bitten. 

Overall they turned out fantastic:)

Oh, and here are the trash piles, painted up.

Another one... I love the chair in there.

And the last set.

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