Monday, August 19, 2019

Some painted 28mm Knight Models Harry Potter miniatures!

Hi all!

Okay, first off, it's been a LONG time since I posted!  Sorry, been a VERY busy summer!

But I'm still doing toy soldier stuff... and most recently, post-6mm-Vikings, I've been trying out the Knight Models Harry Potter miniatures!

Overall I am very happy with them.  I can't do them justice like the examples from the company (those are INSANE) but they are still good.  I originally did try to do eyes on them, but it just didn't work... the eyes made them too clearly NOT the actors, if that makes sense?  The weakest is my Umbridge... she was hard to get right, and the pinks weren't ideal

Anyway, here are some of them.  I AM wondering... do I do the black around the bottoms in gloss, or matte?  Snape is in gloss, the rest are matte.  Thoughts?

I've got a bunch more to do.  I am a bit annoyed, though... you can only get Harry, Ron, and Hermoine by buying the super expensive game, and I don't want to buy it:(  Plus, I don't love the Hermoine sculpt... she is all floating and ethereal, and if there is any character in Harry Potter who is grounded, it is Ms Granger.

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