Sunday, April 22, 2018

Painted Luke Skywalker, Speeder Bikes, and an AT-RT for Legion

Hey all!

Well, some more from the Star Wars: Legion coreset is all painted up!

Namely, the two speeder bikes, the AT-RT, and Luke Skywalker!

The bikes were a bit of a pain... I made the mistake of glueing the riders to the bikes and then undercoating the whole thing black... foolish me!  Still, they turned out pretty nicely:)

Here is the rebel AT-RT!  I went SUPER simple with it... just grays and metallics for the walker itself.  I considered doing a few details in color, but I think I really like the monochromatic look.

And here is Luke himself!  I am not thrilled with how he turned out... not sure why, but something doesn't sit right.  Maybe his face needs a bit more highlighting?

As always, the basing didn't disappoint; love how busy and wild these bases are:)

So one last bit to go (the last Stormtrooper squad) and then I'm done with the core set.  Thanks for coming by and looking!

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