Saturday, March 17, 2018

"You as a Miniature" Day 2 at Cold Wars!

(Above is our "Of, By, For Gamers board, with ALL of YOUR suggestions for eras that YOU want to star in!:) )

Hi all!

Well, thanks to everyone who came by the Minuteman Miniatures booth today at Cold Wars!  It was great getting to meet so many folks and talk about what we think is a cool little project!

One piece of news from today... thanks to new people commiting to future scans, we will be able to offer a BOATLOAD of new figures in the next few weeks!

We will now be doing a American Civil War, a Dark Ages Highlander, a Viking, a Mounted Norman,  and an American Revolutionary War "YOU!"... they should be available in a few weeks!

And if you want us to make available a Pirate you, a Cowboy you, a fantasy "Lord of the Rings" you, an American 30's Gangster you, a Pulp "Indiana Jones" style adventurer you, or a Napoleonic British Officer you, or a Samurai you... each are only a few more "votes" from getting made!

So come on down for your free scan, and see what we can build for you!:)

Thanks all!

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