Monday, March 12, 2018

A bit more about the new business!!!

Hi all!

Well, I posted this earlier, but without any more info... so I thought I would share more!

I am SUPER excited to introduce Minuteman Miniatures, a new miniatures production company, and to introduce our first service which we will be bringing to the Cold Wars 2018 miniatures convention in Lancaster, PA next weekend… personalized miniatures of YOU!

We will be at the Vendor’s Hall at the convention where, thanks to 3d scanning and printing, we will be offering on-demand, “while you wait” miniatures of YOU in a variety of scales and from a variety of eras! As our first offering, courtesy of technology, we’ll be able to make YOU to lead your French Napoleonic armies, your Roman and Greek armies, and your American and German World War 2 armies... and to venture into deepest dungeons as well! 

And if we don’t have what you want in terms of eras, we will ALSO maintain a “Of, By, For Gamers” board where people can propose DIFFERENT eras… and if enough people sign up, we’ll produce it for you!

We will also have other things for sale, including a HUGE variety of tanks… literally HUNDREDS of tanks from different eras, WWI to modern day, at ANY scale you can imagine, including some of the most bizarre and rare ones, all printed ON DEMAND and on-site… and if you’ve ever had an idea for a totally custom army we’ll even work with you to produce it!

So please drop by booth 200 at Cold Wars, say hi, and pick up… well, YOU!

Thanks so much!

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Adam said...

Very cool Ash. Are you getting 1 of yourself as a WW2 tiger ace? The best of luck with this exciting new business mate.