Sunday, January 28, 2018

Selling some miniatures from the collection!


Hey all!

Well, I'm going to be selling a few groups of miniatures over the next week or so... need the money, so while I hate to part with figures, it's got to happen!

First up?  Two lots of 15mm ACW Confederates!

Both lots are pretty similar... four units of five stands each, with a total of a hundred figures per lot.  They are painted to a decent war-games standard; they CERTAINLY won't win any awards, but they look nice on the table... grubby like Rebs should be! 

Above and below are lot #1.

And then below you have lot #2.

Here is lot 2 again, below.  The "Tigers" don't have a command stand, sorry!

Anyway... they've served their time in the field, and I'd like them to go to someone who can lead them to (further) glory!

I'm asking $130 per lot.

Shoot me an email... if you are interested!

Thanks for taking a look!

1 comment:

Scott MacPhee said...

They're good looking figures and well worth what you're asking for them!