Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Looking for some playtesters for a big new project!

Hello all!

While I cannot share a ton of details yet, I am finding myself looking for a group of playtesters for a game that is under development for production.

The game will be a division-level American Civil War tabletop wargame. It will be a somewhat "modernized" game… think a traditional wargame mated with something like FFS's Armada. We are shooting for something that

…is quick to play (end goal is an hour or so)

…reflects some of the "list building/tweaking/upgrading" aspect of modern games that many people enjoy

… focuses on and reflects the personalities of the leaders

…and incorporates what we expect from a Civil War wargame… dismounted cavalry scouting the battlefield, lines of infantry being managed by screaming officers, famous battalions fixing their bayonets and charging into melee… the whole nine yards.

We are looking for several GROUPS of playtesters who would be willing to run a number of versions through the grinder over the next six or so months. We'd ask you to play quite a bit, giving feedback as you go, and trying to push the game to the limits and break it if you can!

There will be a bit of a "payment" for working with us… if you stick with it and do a nice job, we'll repay you in the form of many miniatures!

Anyway… if this is something you are interested in AND feel you can devote time and energy to, please do shoot me an email at

Thanks all!


Clint said...

I would need to talk to my club before giving ANY form of commitment.
But at this stage All I can do is offer any encouragement.
I shall look forward to seeing this progress. Good luck mate.
Really hope it turns out well. (I am sure it will)

Scott MacPhee said...

I wish I had the time. Best of luck!