Saturday, October 7, 2017

A castle for my 6mm Baccus samurai!

Hey all!

Well, I decided to start doing some terrain for my 6mm samurai... and what says "Japanese samurai terrain" better than a big old castle!

So, finding an actual good castle isn't so easy, if you stay within the miniatures world... there just isn't a great one out there. 

But who knew... there is an entire world of models from the model community that fits the bill! 

This one is from the company Doyusha, and is the 1/350 scale model of Osaka castle.  While it isn't quite 6mm (it is a tiny bit small) it works PERFECTLY, especially since we all know that scenery often works best when it is slightly smaller in scale than the figures.  This difference in this one is so slight that you don't even notice.

The model took only a short while to glue together, and I only messed up once or twice... first model I've ever done, so what can you expect?  Overall I think it turned out very nice.  I went with white and gold, and did the roof in black instead of the greenish look... I thought it would look a bit better, and I think I was right.  I added the cherry tree to give it a bit of color when I painted it, and put it where there was supposed to be a cannon.  I didn't add some of the little roof tidbits, as I figure they would just knocked over... this thing has to be functional.

But maybe my favorite part of this whole thing is that the samurai bases I made can fit right inside of it!  In fact, see the unit above? It was inside the castle in all the photos I took for this blog post!  I just had to add a little plastic floor and voila; they fit PERFECTLY.

So... thats it!  A friend recommended maybe grassing some of the courtyard, but looking at the stairs, and where the paths would logically be, I struggled a bit at figuring out where they would go.

Next up?  A pair of torii gates from Gamecraft Miniatures... and then, fingers crossed, my order from Mura Miniatures should arrive. 

Thanks, all, for stopping by for a look!


DeanM said...

Very nice! I was wondering how these scale models would work with 6mm. I agree that slightly smaller terrain works well for gaming too.

Clint said...

I have a problem getting 10mm samurai terrain. So I can imagine what a boon it is to get a castle for this project,

bravo sir!!

Barks said...

Magnificent! The cherry blossoms are a lovely touch.

Phil said...

Top notch castle!!