Wednesday, September 27, 2017

28mm Roman Scorpion finished

Hey all!

Well, I finished up some more Romans for the son's collection (he has some on the workbench.)

This was a scorpion, from Warlord Games Hail Caesar line.  I made the base out of two bases, and then used a drill to drill out the holes for the bases.

Here are the two guys.  You might notice that I am using a slightly different flock mix... when I got my lockbox, I decided to start to step up my flock game.  I've gotten a whole selection of flocks, and accident mixed a few, and I like how it looks!  I think I'll probably do up a whole tub of a 28mm mix, with several longer grasses of several colors mixed in, to give it a bit of a more wild look, which is generally how battlefields should look!

Here is the scorpion in front of some Roman officers... I'll see if I can get some larger group shots, as the collection is coming together a bit.

Who ever would have guessed we'd have a Roman and Germanic collection in the House of War?  Not I!:)


Phil said...

Great looking scorpion, well done!

Author said...

Thanks Phil, and thanks for always being so generous with your comments... I don't always comment back, but it's nice to see! Happy wargaming!:)

muzik212 said...

You should round the corners of the base to match the others. Bring the base to Fall In, Ill bring my dremel, easy fix.