Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Three clans of 6mm samurai done!

Hey all!

Well, three stands of the Baccus 6mm samurai done... well, ALMOST done, just realized I forgot to black out the edges of one!

So, I am doing each stand a bit different, but there is some commonality... all stands begin with a base of ashigaru... then what is in the FRONT determines the stand's "specialization."  There can be charging samurai, bows, guns, or cavalry.

First one, my "blue" clan.  They are a "samurai" clan.

Their leader is looking down to a lower officer and demanding a report.

The "black" clan; an archer clan.

Here is their lord, with his two mounted guards.  He has a red bow in his obscured hand (seen in the whole unit photo) to show his clan connection.

The "red" clan.  This one is a "gun" stand.

The lord rides, with a trusted lieutenant beside and behind him.

 The three stands together... I'll get another one done in a day or two, a "yellow" stand!

Anyway... I am SO happy with how they are turning out!  I've mixed up the ground cover too, to include some longer "wheat" colored grass and some bushes, and I think it works.

More coming!


Barks said...

These are looking great, fantastic work.

Steve J. said...

Those look superb and really show off the massed effect of 6mm minis that is the attraction of this 'scale'.

Michael Mills said...

Superb! You should certainly be chuffed with how they're turning out.

Stryker said...

Those look really nice - superb painting for 6mm!

phann son said...

Very nice work. No one believes me when I tell them 6mm is easy to paint. Like the basing btw, it really takes the finished unit to another level.

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