Sunday, July 2, 2017

First 6mm Samurai clan done... what a revelation!

Well, the 6mm Baccus Samurai arrived yesterday, so I got a group together...

... and I have to say, what a damn revelation!

SO so simple to paint up... I think I did this entire group in maybe 30 minutes?  Then the basing, and voila!

I did use the Minibits dice holders to add two to this stand, with the idea that at some point I'll do a set of samurai rules.  I am going to do a different clan/color per stand.  Each stand will be roughly the same in the rear (ranks of spearmen) but the differences will be at the FRONT... stands will either feature guns, bows, cavalry, or samurai.  That will be the difference in terms of gameplay... clan stands will specialize in one of those, with the ashigaru just assumed to be in there and giving them the basic ability to fight.

So that's it!  I am SUPER super excited for this... they came together SO so quickly, it was a bit ridiculous.

I'll get another base going ASAP!

Oh, and I used a Flockbox to flock them... I think it worked nicely:)  I'll post more details later.


Lee Hadley said...

Very nice work. No one believes me when I tell them 6mm is easy to paint. Like the basing btw, it really takes the finished unit to another level.

Itinerant said...

That's awesome.