Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More 15mm adventurers... and a word about Ed and Battle Valor Games!

Hey all!

Well, I got a few more guys painted up for my Dungeoncrawl!

This time I added a few rangers/elves, a mage, a thief, and a warrior.

Now, I have to add... Ed at Battle Valor Games is quite the fellow.

So... he makes these figures (the nicest 15mm fantasy figures I've ever seen... I am not a fantasy guy, but the sculpts were nice enough that I became one!) for a 15mm grand war game.  They come in packs of either 16 or 32.  That's how he casts them, too.

This poor damn guy, I've been bothering him NON-STOP about the miniatures, to the point where he agree to sell me smaller groups.

Yeah.  But that wasn't enough.

I've literally emailed him things like "Hey Ed, I need one more ogre.  Any chance I can get it?"

Yeah.  Single ordering 15mm figures.  Like, to the point where I've been like "Hey, any chance I could get the third guy in the fourth row in the back of that photo?"

What does Ed say?

"Sure.  No problem."

Email number three?  "Sure. No problem."

Email number six?  "Sure.  No problem."

Email number 11?  "Sure. No problem."

So, just have to point out some FANTASTIC customer service.  I've sent him no fewer than 12 to 14 emails about buying figures, and every time... "No problem."

So... go by some of the nicest 15mm figures I've seen, from someone who does some GREAT customer service!

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