Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Naval table... finished in two hours!

Hey all!

Well, my neighbor was throwing out a perfectly good round wooden tabletop this morning... so, I finally made up the naval board I wanted!

It features some Pirates of the Spanish Main ships that I have (I have a bunch more) that I touched up, and my old islands, which I redid the sand on (thank god.)

I plan to make a little simple set of rules for them, borrowing the movement tool from Star Wars Armada... it should be a fun little game.  Simple, but fun.  Now I just need people to try it out!:)

Anyway, I had wanted to do this for a LONG long time, and I'm glad I can showcase a new period and game at the House of War.  I am at the point where I need another table... and I may have something in mind.  I'll share more another time:)

Thanks for coming by!


David Cooke said...

The first word that came to me when looking at those pics was "Outstanding!" The best naval table I've seen. Would be a pleasure to game on.

Clint said...

I do like the compass AND THE LONGATUDE/LATITUDE LIES THEY DO HELP TO MAKE IT MORE NAUTICAL in Nature (sorry caps lock stuck!)

Lee Hadley said...

Looks fantastic... nice work sir!

Phil said...

Absolutly splendid!!

Lasgunpacker said...

Hey, what a fun little project! I have a ton of those card ships, and when my friend and I were first getting into them, I build a whole table and island set from MDF and cheap paint. Did not look half as good as yours!