Friday, June 10, 2016

A great new piece of WWII art for the war room!

Hey all!

Well, courtesy of my family and my birthday, I got a great new piece for the war room!

This is a repro piece from a WWII Japanese Zero... actually from a specific Zero, flown by Takeshi Hirano at Pearl Harbor.  It was shot down, and this piece is a recreation of a panel from his plane.

It is a super cool piece; the perfect color, real rivets... it just looks great.  All hand made by Gary Velasco (whose stuff is sold through Plane Junkies.)

Here is a shot this exact plane, and you can see the piece represented by my new addition, outlined in black.

It is nice to get a piece of more modern memorabilia, compared to all of my old stuff... it adds a different dimension to the room, I think!

Anyway, hope folks like it!