Saturday, September 12, 2015

Armada Space-Rocks Space Station and Debris Fields done!

Well, I finished up my space station and my two debris fields!

Above is the space station.  I did a bunch of panels in different colors, but unfortunately they didn't come out in the picture.  A bit of brown wash here and there to age it a little, and voila!

Here are the two debris fields... the one on the left has a destroyed CR90 and piece of a Victory Star Destroyer, and the one on the right a destroyed Nebulon B frigate and the front of a Victory Star Destroyer.  I also put in a TIE Advanced on the left, and an X-Wing on the right.

Here is the second debris field.

And here is the first one, with the CR90.

And finally, here is a big "THROW EVERYTHING IN A PHOTO!" mess of a photo!:)

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chris said...

Love the still burning debris field, must be enough oxygen leaking out to keep it aflame, very hot.