Monday, September 7, 2015

Armada Space Rocks asteroids!

Hi all!

Just thought I would post up the latest!

Like everyone else who plays Armada, I really loved what I saw from the folks over at Space Rocks, a company out of England.  They have a number of products, but clearly the big winner of the bunch is the standard Armada obstacle set.  Three asteroid sets, two debris fields, and a space station.  They come on clear bases, each cut the same size as the ones that come with the game.

So, first up, here are the asteroid fields!

I actually asked these to be sent to me unpainted, because I thought that might get them to me faster, and since I planned to paint them anyway... why not?

I did copy from the WWPD guys and inserted the original set on TOP of the clear set, and drilled through them for the clear posts to fit through.

I gave them a bit of a grey/brown drybrush, and then a lighter shade, and one more lighter shade.  Two of them I did in a slightly different brown, to give some variety.

I did add a little something to these... using some left over X-Wings and TIE fighters from the squadron expansions, and a bit of wire, I added a few destroyed fighters scattered among the asteroids.  I feel like it adds a little something extra to the whole set!

Overall this is a great product.  The only issue some people might have is "What happens when you overlap?"  Well, you can either take out the post, or if you have two core sets (like me) you can just replace it with the matching flat obstacle!

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Phyllion said...

They look great, but oddly their site is all in $ - despite being in the uk!