Friday, March 6, 2015

The House of War is returning!!

Hi all!

Well, some exciting news... We are moving!  And what awaits, in our new house?  The room above, which is the location of the NEW House of War!

So, come early May, I'll start posting photos of the room as it comes together:). Plans are for a single large table (maybe 8x4, maybe slightly longer, I've got to get a good measurement) and for a small table primarily for xwing and small skirmish games.  Cabinets are a must; I'll add two glass ones from ikea I think, and then play it by ear.  I am also considering a large magazine/book display cabinet, like the type you see in libraries... I saw that on another blog and loved the look.

I do plan on getting this coffee table, for in front of the sofa/TV...  I plan to do little 10mm scenes in each of the four drawer sections, so it is like little dioramas from above.

And then I'll get a few of these glass cabinets for the X-Wing collection and some other figures.

So!  Any advice would be very welcome!


WarRaptor said...

Wow....awesome. Congrats on the new house!

Lasgunpacker said...

Hey great!

better lighting in a variety of types and places to allow for each table to be brightly lit, and to allow for future changing needs.

I have really liked some of the wrap around backgrounds that people have done for their tables, so you can photograph the table from a low angle and get "hills and sky" and not "fuzzy distant walls and clutter".

Decor also needs to be looked at. I think you have some items, but you should consider some wood paneling or victorian wallpaper or something. ;)

Anthony Selley said...

A Bar? All good wargaming rooms need somewhere to keep the port, so you can toast your victories :)