Saturday, March 21, 2015

Some great 15mm Modern eye candy!

Hey all!

Well, went over to a buddy of mine's place last night.  First, some bad news: he is having his first child.  Which mean that this war-games room has been disassembled:

Thankfully, however, he isn't giving up war-games, and in fact he took a little while to set up on his dining room table his newest collection; 15mm moderns!

Here are his 15mm modern Afghan fighters.  I have a better shot of the motorcycles later on.

An American sniper team watches over a convoy.

He actually got real Saddam posters online, shrunk them down, and put them on buildings.

An American patrol moves house-to-house.  These buildings, along with a lot of his other stuff, is from Crescent Root.  Their stuff is AMAZING.  I'll have more photos of their product when I have my war-games room up and running.

A local fills up at the gas station.  Gas station courtesy of Gamecraft.

The convoy nears the market.

A shot of the market.  The stalls are presented out-of-the-box, and are also by Crescent Root.  I cannot recommend these guys enough!  Just buy a few stall sets if you can... or some medians!

Another sniper team, another great mural.

Here are those Afghans on bikes.  The Afghans didn't make it to the table, as this was an Iraqi setup... the Afghan setup is different.

An Arab on a camel slowly meanders past some stores; these are also from Crescent Root.  Not too expensive, and lord almighty they are nice.  This is them with no extra work done.

A Western politician shows up at the government building, security contractors in tow.

Another shot of the convoy.

Overhead an attack chopper provides security and a second set of eyes.

The chopper moves across town.

Another shot.  A few neat bits are visible here, including the bus stop and the well.


Barks said...

Tasty! Looking forwards to more!

DeanM said...

Very, very nice! I like the layout and models very much. So enticing to game!

Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

World class wargaming board, amazing work.

Phil said...

You've said it, eye candy! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing...

Mikko Asikainen said...

What a great looking game! Yours?

David Cooke said...


MiniWargamer said...

Is that a VMI uniform in the background? I am a USMA grad and had to do a double take.... ;-)