Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starting a new project

Hi all!

Well, I just ordered the first figures for a new project.

My father is a huge naval history buff.  They have dozens of prints and woodcuts of famous ship battles hanging around their house, and dozens of books about Nelson and Trafalgar.

So I thought I would, for Christmas, do a little scene for him; namely, the death of Nelson from Wargames Illustrated.

Obviously it is based on this painting:

But I am not going to just do what comes in the set.

Instead, I plan to model a bit of the ship around him.  I was actually thinking about doing a deck below him AND a deck above him, with the action on them... however, I have to look at the layouts of the ships a bit and see if that is A) correct (what decks were below and above him?) and B) doable (is it too much?)

I also need to find the gear that would be around them.  I am not sure where to look; I know someone who does a bunch of naval models and so am hoping he might be able to point me in the correct way.  But does anyone know if there are any suppliers of 28mm British Napoleonic naval accouterments out there?

Also I need to find the figures.  That's a toughie... I will need a few "standing around and watching" sorts of sailors, and I just don't know if those exist.  Maybe a few conversions are in order, but this won't be easy.  I literally don't know a single manufacturer who makes them.  Hope people out there can make suggestions!  So far these seem like the best option...

Plus I might take the kneeling guy with the rammer, and the Marine with the spike, from this site:

Finally, I am considering doing some electricity in this one, like I did with the Harry Potter display.  Namely, I am considering doing an actual lit lamp above his head.  No idea at ALL how to do that though... I may look at the fire set I got and see if I can use a single light from that, clipping the other two off.

So... that's the new project.  Here is a VERY rough picture, with the idea of it being in a clear plastic case like the Harry Potter project (but turned on end.)

Honestly, I would LOVE some advice from the folks out there; there is such a WEALTH of knowledge, both naval and miniature, that I am really hoping folks out there can point me in different directions that might help!

Thanks so much in advance for ANY advice you all can offer!:)


Jonathan said...

What a brilliant project! I look forward to following your progress...

~ Jonathan

Ray Rousell said...

Blimey! I'll be following this project with interest!!