Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Okay everyone; need your eyes/help!

Hey all!

Okay... I need your help.

So, the figures for my Napoleon and command stand are done.  However, I am blanking HUGELY on what to do with them!

All of the figures are posted above, minus the big guy himself; I included photos of him earlier.  How do you think I should set these guys up on a display tray?

A few notes.

The only stand with some "height" is the mounted marshal.  Also, if you look at him, he will likely need to be on the left half of the display, so as to show off his detail.  The three officers on the far right will likely need to stay on the right, also to show off their detail (or at least the detail of the center figure) although that WILL obscure the rightmost of that trio (a figure I do like.)

I do have a few bits I can add here.  I have a left-over cart that I can use, if I want to, from Old Glory.  A friend recommended doing a broken down fireplace/chimney, as if they have set up in the remains of an old house... the officers at the table would look good near that, but they also seem like they should be on the far left of the display, which is where I imagine the mounted marshal to go (I think height on the ends looks right.)  I have a few sheep I could include.  Also, I want to talk to a buddy of mine who might have a poodle I can steal; that would be a nice addition.

But overall I am really not feeling any particular setup.  Anyone got any advice?


Colorado Gamer said...

You have a lot of figures there so a command stand using all of them will be huge when considered in terms of the amount of table space taken up. If it is for gaming purposes I recommend a two part stand. You have too many figures for a single stand.

Here are some posts of how I came up with my "Final command stand."



and the final result in context with the army:


adeptgamer said...

This may not be the best suggestion, but, I think they would look stellar in a hill top command camp. Like each is doing their own thing trying to plan for the battle. You could build up a sweet tiered display with cut out for their bases and put a nice tent at the top of it. :)