Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visiting Fort Ticonderoga

Hey all!

First off, sorry it has been SO damn long... I am just not doing a lot with toy soldiers at the moment, so have nothing to share!

Well, almost nothing:)

I took a trip with my father in law up to Fort Ticonderoga and took a few shots for those AWI/F&I folks here; so Giles, these are for you!:)

A shot overlooking the lake.  Man, those cannon have a great view:)

Every gun had beautiful engravings.

One of the many mortars in the place.

An impressive list of "guests" I would say!:)

The barracks.  A number of reenactors were there, doing the living history thing.

A model of a British landing craft.

Very cool breech loading gun!  They had some wonderful weapons there.

Beautiful horns.

Another beautiful powder horn.

One of the MANY powder horns.  Beautiful stuff.

A selection of Scottish weapons.

Muskets.  Ahhhh muskets!:)

A brace of pistols.

Toy soldiers!  I loved seeing these... apparently our hobby is timeless!

I love seeing original leathers and original canteens, almost more than the weapons themselves.

This was very neat; a powder tester!  You load it up with an amount of power and then fire it, and the further along the crank-thing it gets, the higher grade the powder is.

A pair of Brown Besses.  Maybe my favorite ever gun.

The interior of the fort.

I liked seeing that drum sitting there.

A pair of pistols owned by George Washington.

A view over the lake.

"... that our flag was still there!"

Small hole that can do a lot of damage.

Great little gun.

A demonstration going on.

A close up of the participants.

The fife and drum corps.

After the demo, the guys still fired off a few rounds.

Overall a really beautiful fort!


Ray Rousell said...

Great photos, I'd like to go there one day, of course I've got to win the lottery first!

Brummie said...

Great pics, Thanks

jmezz382 said...

Grew up not too far from there. Been there as well, wonderful fort. It is said the fort is haunted.