Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Minecraft project; a "Minecraft city"

Hey all!

Thought I'd share... Everyone remembers my castle from a post or two ago?  Well, I thought I'd start to take advantage of the NPC village I built above, as their feudal lord... to provide for my people.  I've been working on a rather large city in Minecraft.  It is taking a LOT of time to finish... more than you'd expect.  A ton of small buildings to go.  Note the cathedral and square near the center, and the gatehouse to the front right... it features a fully functional portcullis, courtesy of KidMischief over at YouTube. You lose a bunch of the wall behind the castle and to the left, and can't see the entrance to the natural caves on the other side of the city there.  Lots more to go, including a city park, finishing the dock areas, actually making the front right corner into a fortress... eventually linking in the world transport system in an honest way, instead of its nearby stop at an once proud mine... good stuff!

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