Sunday, January 8, 2012

So... what should this fence look like?

Hey all!

Okay... finally getting back to my 25mm French chateau, which I plan to sell soon!

I am working on finishing up the main gate, and on a few of the "supporting" pieces that I will include with the chateau when I sell it.

I've done some crates, some barrels, a stone wall, and a well.  I still have to finish some more barrels, the woodpile, and then I want to make a small garden for the inside courtyard.

It would be a small rectangle with fence on three sides; the back side is meant to be put up against a building.  It will fit either next to the house or next to the barn.

My question is; what should the fence look like around it?  Would it be planks, like on the right?  Or small timbers with spaces (as on the left)?  Or what?  I have no idea what style of fence would be used inside a courtyard!

Any help?


Roly said...

What about a low box hedge? Very chateau-like!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

An internal garden fence would more than likely be made of planking down to ground level to keep out the chickens and whatever other farm animals might be roaming about. No doubt there'd be a small gate as well.

Author said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for the help... I could do a hedge... would that be used inside a courtyard? Celtic... do you mean like the rightmost picture I just put up?

Echoes Of Glory said...

plank fences keep rodents out. Like this one here: